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Commodity Trading

Commodity market has its own presence and importance. Developments in this market affect everyone’s life in the world as whatever we are using in our day to day life like Chana, Copper, Gold, Crude oil is traded in this market and prices fluctuate accordingly. Commodity market is traded through Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) which provides a platform across bullions, metals, energy and agricultural products. Commodity contracts which drive their prices through foreign market like bullions, metals, energy have impact of currency fluctuation as well.

Commodity market is traded through derivative contracts (F&O), primarily future contracts are available for all commodities and option contracts are available in selective commodities currently. Margin requirement is very less for commodity segment which makes it even more interesting. If someone is dealing in anyone of the commodity which is also traded on commodity exchanges then it is very easy for that person to hedge against the adverse price movements or simply trade to generate handsome profits.

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