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It is human nature to save for the rainy day! Most individuals put aside some part of their earnings through investments, expecting greater returns in the future. You may invest in a number of financial products, varying from the low-risk, low-return investments, like government bonds, to those with higher risk and greater returns, like investments in the stock market.

The lure of big money often attracts individuals to trading and investing in the stock markets. However, it is not easy to make money in equities, commodities or mutual funds, without professional guidance from financial experts. This is where the role of stock brokers comes into the picture.

We at Findoc, are a bunch of finance specialists, who provide you with a complete range of financial products in the Indian stock market. We focus on boosting your financial growth with our expertise in capital preservation and bringing competitive gains. Some of our most sought-after financial solutions include:

Equity Trading

Equity trading refers to the purchase or sale of a company’s stocks through major stock exchanges like the NSE (National Stock Exchanges) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchanges). Companies open their shares to the public in the equity market, allowing you to buy a few shares of your favorite brands, be a part of their journey and earn good returns through their profits. Know more…

Derivative Trading

Derivative trading brings the investors an opportunity to earn superlative profits or losses by paying just a nominal amount of margin. Derivatives are basically, financial contracts where two parties sign a deal to trade an underlying financial asset at a future date or at a certain price. The underlying asset could be an equity share, a currency, a commodity or a bond. Know more…

Commodity Trading

Commodities have emerged as the next best option for investors, after stocks and bonds. The commodity market trades in the primary economic sector rather than manufactured goods. Some of the popular commodities include gold, silver, oil, wheat, etc. With proper research and knowledge of the commodity market, commodities have an immense potential to earn good returns. Know more…

Currency Trading

Currency trading, as its name suggests, refers to the purchase and sale of different currencies in the world. The Foreign Exchange or Forex, the world’s largest financial market, allows investors to trade currencies in volume. The most traded currencies include US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), Great Britain Pound (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY). Know more…

Algo Trading

Algo trading or algorithmic trading refers to trading online through a computer-aided program. Also known as automatic trading, algo trading efficiently generates profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible to achieve for any human trader. It allows investors to trade at every opportunity with minimal risks and good returns. Know more…

Depository Services

A depository is similar to a bank. It holds securities in electronic form and provides services related to transactions in securities. We at Findoc offer depository services through NSDL to support quick and efficient conversion of securities and commodities in electronic form. Know more…

Connect with online trading India experts at Findoc to give your financial goals a boost!