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Investor awareness | March 19
Findoc's Annual Meet

Team that stays together wins together”


It was a moment of immense pride, happiness and joy for us as Findoc Group hosted its “First Annual Meet” on 2nd and 3rd March at Hotel Ramada Kasauli, Employees from all the group companies namely Findoc Financial Services Group, Hampton Homes and Findoc Sons were part of this event.


Motivational and team building exercises were conducted by a renowned speaker and consultant Mr Anubhav Srivastava, which was followed by prize distribution ceremony, cocktail, DJ and Dinner. It was a perfect occasion for all employees to bond as everybody laughed together, danced together, sang together and enjoyed together.


Vision for the year 2019 was shared by our MD Mr Hemant Sood. He shared how his only #mantra in life is to add value to the lives of customers as well as his team and also asked #employees to always think of new ways of adding value in the lives of customers.


Our Director Mr Nitin Shahi also addressed the gathering and underlined the importance of teamwork and motivation in the growth of the company. He also stressed on the fact that how handwork, dedication, value and belief system helps in personal growth of the employee and also the entire organisation.