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In today’s world, full of risks and unpredictability, it is essential to strike a balance between savings and investments, cover the risks and get maximum returns for your investments. Investing in a variety of funds, each with a different set of advantages such as higher interest rates, funds safety, returns, liquidity, etc. is a smarter and wiser decision.

We at Findoc Financial Services Group, provide you with various opportunities to grow your money. We offer a wide range of financial products to channelize your investments to the best of your interest. We extend our facilities of secured and unsecured loans, fixed deposits, bonds, mutual funds and Initial Public Offering (IPO) for profitable investments and several insurance plans for risk coverage.

IPO – Initial Public Offering

IPO or Initial Public Offering is a type of public offering in which a company issues some of its shares to institutional investors as well as retail investors in the stock market. An IPO is a great asset that companies utilize for raising new equity capital for the company. It also helps in channelizing the investments of all private shareholders such as company promoters or private equity investors. It enables easy trading of existing holdings by allowing the company to become a public traded enterprise. Know more

Mutual Funds

When you invest in mutual funds, the money collected from several investors, including you, gets invested in securities. Several institutional and retail investors put their money in mutual funds to invest in securities such as stocks, equity funds, money market instruments, bonds, fixed income funds, hybrid funds, and others.

While investing in mutual funds, you get access to more diversified investment options, providing good returns and enough liquidity. Selecting the right mutual funds can be a complex and tedious process. Thus, all mutual funds’ investments at the Findoc Group are managed by our financial experts. Know more


An insurance plan can primarily be defined as a protection against uncertain financial loss or scarcity of funds. It is a type of contract between the insurance company, which provides the insurance and the policyholder, the one who holds the insurance policy.

The insurance company provides specific compensation to the policyholder in case of any losses. The compensation depends on the details mentioned in the policy, such as the sum insured or covered under the policy, and the other terms and conditions. The policyholder needs to pay a certain premium either quarterly, half-yearly or annually (as per the terms and conditions of the policy) for getting access to the benefits of the insurance policy. Know more

Fixed Income

Fixed income is one of the safest financial investments. In this type of investment, you deposit money in tenures varying from six months to ten years. This money gets invested in tax-free bonds, NCDs, corporate bonds, commercial papers, and capital gain bonds. In return, the investor receives tax-free periodic income at regular intervals at a secured and unchanged rate.

An investment in fixed income is an ideal solution for all those who want 100% capital protection. Fixed income bonds are a perfect choice for senior citizens since they get higher interest rates for such investments. Also, it serves as a regular income source for them during the later years of their life. Know more


A loan can be defined as borrowing money from a bank, financial institution or other money lenders in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount along with the interest. The amount you borrow is the principal amount and interest is calculated on this principal amount based on the term of your loan and the interest rate. You will have to repay the loan along with the interest over a specific period of time in installments.

We at Findoc Financial Services Group, India’s leading financial services provider, offer a complete range of financial services. Our range of personal financial products includes IPOs, mutual funds, insurance plans, fixed deposits, bonds, loans, etc.

We have a network of strong distribution channels to help you meet your financial goals; savings and investments for financial crisis situations. Connect with our financial experts at 0161-4155000 for successful investments with attractive returns!
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