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Private Client Group | October 17
What are Private Client Group and how do they allocate assets?

If given a choice, would you prefer a Ready-to-wear suit or a Bespoke one? Most of us will choose the latter because of one simple reason, customization as per our needs. In the world of wealth creation, such a professionally customized portfolio service is termed as Private Client Group. The respective bank or professional advisory group offers an exhaustive collection of research-based advisory services that are tailored as per the client’s need. It is an exclusive service constructed to fulfill the exceptional investing needs of privileged customers or high net worth individuals having the capital of 25 lakhs and above.

The basket of investing funds can include equity, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, or a combination of either asset classes to take the best advantage of the opportunities in the market. The special goals are achieved by optimal asset allocation which depends on two broad factors:

Time: The prime most factor is to consider the time frame within which the investor seeks to exit. If an investor has a long-time horizon, they can opt for a higher potential return with probably the higher risk. However, for a short-term investor, the investment choices have to be evaluated based on market volatility.

Risk Tolerance: The risk tolerance factor determines the extent to which the portfolio can take the risk. This can be evaluated based on the investor’s economic/financial ability to tolerate risk and their emotional/psychological ability to handle the unforeseen.

The major objective behind the asset allocation is to combat any kind of losses arising from one asset class in the group with another. In short, the portfolio of such superior clients is well-equipped to handle risk in the form of a bear market or any sector-specific recession.

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