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Mutual Fund | April 30
Mistakes while investing in Mutual Funds and How to avoid them

Investing without any goal is just like traveling without any destination. So, invest with an aim to attain your financial goals.

Making your first big investment can be a daunting task, and quite an exciting too at the same time. It is common that investments in mutual funds are probably the most well-known and trusted investment options out there. In any case, when cash is involved, one should be extra cautious.

Many times, investors can end up with money-related issues just because they invested in a mutual fund without understanding completely the ramifications of what they are doing. As the financial year begins, many of you might be planning to make new investments, and are looking for better mutual fund plans to add to your portfolio. Yet, there are a few things that you, as an investor, must know before making an investment.

Here’s a look at 5 mistakes you must avoid while looking for investment plans in mutual funds.


Investing without a financial goal

Decide on your financial goal thoroughly and then invest appropriately. You have to decide on your goals, whether they are short-term or long-term. This, further, helps in setting up your investment portfolio. For example, if you are of 25 years and planning for retirement at the age of 60. Then, you have 35 years left.


In this case, you should invest in the equity asset class as they outperform all the asset class over the long term. Since retirement planning is a long term goal, you need not worry about the market unpredictability in the short term.


Investing without a budget

Maintain a strategic distance from investing in mutual funds without having a fair idea of the budget. Investing without a budget plan can make your life dangerous. You can sensibly utilize the yearly reward or endowments, assuming any, notwithstanding the month to month pay in common assets.

Thus, it is imperative to make and adhere to the financial limits every month with the full order to accomplish your long term goals.


Investing without understanding risks

Often people get influenced by the profits they get on mutual funds and make an immense investment on it without really evaluating the profile risk. Assume that you are reluctant to take risks, then one can avoid financing in equity funds as they are unpredictable in nature. Risk-averse stakeholders can invest their money in debt funds as they are less risky and provide stable returns.


Selling investment in a bear market

The constant fall of the market can make you tense as a mutual fund investor. With such a bearish trend, you would be enticed to reclaim your funds. All you need is to remain calm. Always keep financial goals in mind and don''''t get over concerned by bearish and bullish market trends. Every bear trend is accompanied by the bull, which results in the market recovery from the lows as helping it scale another pinnacle.


Ignore SIP in mutual funds

This is another big blunder which one needs to avoid. step-up Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is much the same as running a race where an individual will improve on speed as well as distance constantly. Thus, on account of mutual fund investment, it is expected that one individual will enhance one''''s SIP as per the increase in salary.


However, various investors don’t raise the mutual fund investment amount as per the increase in their salary. Step-up SIP can be defined as the slow increment in the SIP sum automatically in a predefined rate and period.


Final Thoughts

Therefore, by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes while investing in mutual fund plans, you will be a successful investor. Do you have any query? Or, you want to share your success story? Then, do share with us in the comments section given below.

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