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Algo Trading | February 13
Pick the Right Algo Trading Software

Algorithmic trading is the ultimate game-changer reinventing the world of trading for good. It automates strategies across a variety of securities. To facilitate the same, the Algo trading software comes into play. It is a program designed to perform complicated calculations and trade on commercial exchanges automatically, with minimal input from an operator. Besides, it also offers a multitude of trading solutions for beginners and professionals. Are you looking for the best possible situation to take control of your trading habits? Findoc deploys the following best Algo trading platform in India to streamline your investments.

Five Best Algo Trading Software That You Should Give a Shot At

Your Algo trading platform could make or break your success as a trader. Thus, it is crucial to pick the right one to make practical and lucrative investment decisions. Findoc has narrowed down the choices to help you handpick the best one as per your needs:


Whether you are a professional or a newbie in Algo trading, Algobulls is the platform for you. What makes it more inventive is its bespoke trading algos that are backed by unswerving AI. Moreover, it lets you trade from anywhere in the world. Algobulls comprises a diverse set of trading algos, which helps traders to utilize the capital market to its fullest. If you are looking for the best Algo trading software offering custom-built investment options, Algobulls will suffice the requirements.

Findoc deploys Algobulls to provide traders with various AI-backed, intelligent strategies. These are curated with an amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and unrivalled trading expertise. This Algo trading software in India enables both trading connoisseurs and coders to personalize their trading strategies. Besides, you can experience trading simulations involving the use of virtual money to understand the dynamics of realistic trading. It eventually helps traders make profitable and prudent decisions without investing anything in the market.

With Findoc, you can test a handful of strategies encircling reliable historical data before stepping into the real stock market. It gives you a clear picture of whether a particular strategy would succeed or not.


Tradetron is touted as the best Algo trading software in terms of assisting strategy curators through quant strategies. It allows you to automate the quant strategies and monetize them through selling to traders and investors across the globe. Through Tradetron, Findoc utilizes distributed architecture system to connect with varied data providers. It aids in fetching the nearest data of multiple stock exchanges located worldwide in real-time for stocks, future & options, commodities, and currencies.

This Algo trading software lets you build strategies and algorithms at a scale without writing any single code. Findoc uses Tradetron to execute trades swiftly and facilitate the quickest trading strategies in real time. Tradetron is the best Algo trading software in India which is purely cloud-based. Thus, there is no need for data streaming or downloading- only easy and convenient access to view and monitor your portfolio from any corner of the globe. In addition, you can get features such as trading strategy testing through historical data.

If you are a layman, you can also use the social trading feature of Tradetron to subscribe to filter-based strategies. Likewise, you can also follow strategies of one another which can be replicated automatically in your portfolio.


It provides enterprise software regarding financial trading. Being the best Algo trading software for financial institutions/enterprises and their end clients, uTrade facilitates multi-asset trading. In addition, it offers algorithms, exchange solutions, direct market accessibility, risk mitigation solutions, and broadcast solutions for market data.

With the help of the proprietary trading engine of uTrade, Findoc delivers single-digit latency of microsecond through the market data. uTrade's modular systems are horizontally as well as vertically scalable. Hence, it allows you to facilitate all trading teams and divisions on a single, centralized trading structure. Findoc uses uTrade to let you subscribe to the most current market data in placing orders over 100 stock exchanges, OTCs, private liquidity pools, gateways, and dark pools globally.

uTrade also delivers a gamut of trading features such as APIs, professional algorithmic trading, customized solutions, retail trading & investing, and institutional sales trading OMS.


If you require the best Algo trading software which mitigates financial risk, your search ends with Refinitiv. It prepares you with top-notch technology, expertise, and crucial data to reduce the risk associated with your investments. For this purpose, Refinitiv offers open software and data solutions to financial and risk professionals.

By deploying Refinitiv, Findoc offers accessibility to its users towards the wide-ranging and varied data sets for navigating the fluctuating financial markets. It also provides the latest insights concerning global trends and news that help restructure financial markets. Through this platform, Findoc analyzes significant themes which empower and influence the markets and utilizes Refinitiv's unswerving data to examine the opportunities and risks for investors.

This platform also comprises resourceful analytics & analytics tools that aid in turning data into actionable visions. Apart from it, Refinitiv provides accessibility to a gamut of data sets assimilated with high-performance and inventive products as per your requirements. The objective is to give you more time and information to test handpicked strategies and performance optimization.


Its specialty lies in best-in-class Algo trading solutions, risk mitigation, and algorithmic trade execution. Indeed, it can be considered the best Algo trading software, an absolute multitasker offering versatile trading solutions. With the help of this software, Findoc offers low-latency trading with improved frequency alongside order routing and front-end solutions. This platform includes risk mitigation tools that assist your firm or business in gaining insights into the risk associated with derivative instruments that are exchange-traded.

GreekSoft was the first vendor to pioneer Algo trading technology in India. Its forte examines the complexities of trading and curates the most suitable solutions. Likewise, you can gain the advantage of a comprehensive suite of option, execution, and arbitrage algorithms. GreekSoft facilitates multi-asset trading in future & options, equities, and commodities. In addition to trading services, it provides managed IT solutions and co-location hosting. GreekSoft's trading speed is unmatchable with a 10G Ethernet network. It has the world-class, premium support infrastructure to meet HFT requirements.


This Algo trading platform uses its proprietary creation known as STOXXO. In particular, it is an execution platform curated for traders from all walks of life. Algobaba brings out the best-in-class utility features at reasonable rates to facilitate seamless trading, keeping versatility in the loop.

Through Algobaba, Findoc can cater to varied traders with distinct styles under one roof. It facilitates risk management to quicker trade executions for offering a one-of-a-kind experience to its users. Another great thing about Algobaba is that it provides complete Trade Signal Security between you and Findoc’s APIs. STOXXO by Algobaba comprises several quintessential features, such as live trading and a live trade simulator to conduct forward testing.

It helps Findoc churn out the best strategies tailor-made to your requirements with a focus on risk mitigation. In addition, it brings multi-platform support integrated and set up for auto-trading with customized strategies. STOXXO lets you amplify your trading options through payoffs and multi-leg charts. You can also select your or another person’s screener to convert it into your own trading system.

Multi Trade

It is best known for its state-of-the-art coding, resulting in the lowest trade order routing latency. Multi Trade has a front UI design that is user-oriented, convenient, and riveting for the trader. By deploying this Algo trading platform, Findoc incorporates matchless order routing to suffice your personalized trade requirements. Multi Trade possesses ultra-customizable software as well as strategies which can be curated or set up by the users. It is highly scalable, allowing Findoc to support trades of all volumes without glitches.

You can relish the power of Multi Trade’s intuitive trading on its Android and iOS mobile apps. It also offers browser-based trading solutions through websites decked with HTML and HTML5. Another factor that entices the most about Multi Trade is its customizable strategies and solutions for self-development or made explicitly by them. It also comprises numerous co-location facilities and services for effortless management and trade execution. Through eKYC solutions, it offers a hassle-less and secured onboarding of customers.

XTS (Symphony) 

XTS is a highly-advanced sell-side trading system which operates at an enterprise scale, offering multi-market and asset support. It has everything you require for managing a middle-office system, streamlining the retail broker-dealer relationship, and institutional & prop trading. Through XTS, Findoc brings maximum efficiency, transparency, and performance to your trading experience to help you gain a competitive edge in the stock market. 

This Algo trading platform offers front-end solutions, including web, mobile, and TWS. Besides, it provides sophisticated solutions for Order Execution Management Systems or OEMS. XTS comprise efficient features to support compliance management, risk mitigation, connectivity for direct exchange and market analytics. With XTS, Findoc enables monitoring and broadcasting to simplify the trade experience for investors and traders. For this purpose, it comes with a unified interface for the broker-dealer system across liquidity providers and exchanges. XTS lets you trade smartly with a low latency rate while maintaining flexibility and risk minimization for a custom-made system which fits your business brokerage needs.


Robomatic amalgamates innovation, finance, and technology into the trading space. Its power-packed stock filtering program enables investors to filter and pick through BANK NIFTY, NIFTY-50, and much more. By employing this unique program, Findoc lets your select stocks which precisely meet your trading criteria minus any complexities involved. Likewise, you can filter the stocks by exchange, price, and volume alongside hundreds of fundamental and technical indicators. 

With Robomatic, you can curate or subscribe to strategies from the marketplace and back-test them in a fraction of a second. Moreover, one can also deploy paper or live trade with an option to begin or stop at the user’s convenience. By utilizing Robomatic’s excellent tech-based capabilities, Findoc lets you generate price action & indicator and rule-based strategies. You can also set-up rule based withdrawal conditions. You can also link the API of any third party for the purpose of order fire. Robomatic also assists you in connecting with expert trainers, attending monthly Q&A sessions or events, and connecting with top-notch fund managers.


It is always easy to win at something when you have the right tool in your grasp. The right Algo trading platform helps you meet your investment goals while offering versatile solutions to elevate your trading. From decoding the market trends to predicting future trends, the above-mentioned Algo trading platforms of Findoc will help you get an edge!


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