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A loan can be defined as borrowing money from the bank, financial institutions or other money lenders in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount, plus interest. The amount you borrow is the principal amount and interest is the amount charged for receiving the loan amount. You need to repay loans in installments.

Home Loans

Apart from all other desires that a human being possesses, building a house of his/her dreams always tops the list. Buying a home is a big step. It is a highly challenging affair that often leads to frustration and puts you on a strictly tight budget. But once achieved, it gives you a huge sense of accomplishment.

Loan Enquiry


The alarming property rates and tedious house building process makes it nearly impossible for a middle-class family to buy a home through their savings entirely. Almost all of us have to take the road towards home loans for buying ourselves a home.

We at Findoc Financial Services Group, offer a wide range of Housing Finance products designed to meet a number of financing needs in the shortest possible time. We provide housing finance products for different types of clients such as the salaried, self-employed, NRIs, etc.

Loan Against Property (LAP)

A Loan Against Property (LAP) is the loan taken by the borrower against the security of his property; home in most cases. This loan amount is used for raising construction costs or the purchase of a new property. Some property owners take LAP to raise funds for any purpose while putting a lien on the property being mortgaged. Either commercial or personal, both kind of property can be used as a security for LAP.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is a form of a term loan, which can be availed against rental receipts obtained from lease contracts with corporate tenants. This loan can be given to the leaser based on the valuation of the concerned property and discounted rents.

SME Loans

SME loan is a type of loan especially designed forsmall and medium enterprises to promote their business. These loans provide them finance at competitive interest rates. SME loans are provided in different forms such as bank loan, trade credit and overdraft. They represent one of the major sections of the business finance market.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is a form of unsecured loan taken by an individual for fulfilling his personal interest or motive. It is not secured against any collateral and carries a higher rate of interest as compared to the secured loans.

Business Loans

When a businessman or an entrepreneur takes a loan or a debt for the setup or expansion of his business on behalf of the company, it is a business loan. The liability for the repayment of the loan rests with the company. It can be obtained by doing some kind of business only.

The benefits of availing loans with FINDOC:
  • We have tie-ups with multiple MNCs/Private Sector Banks & NBFCs.
  • We provide hassle-free processing of loans for your convenience and comfort.
  • We also provide facilities such as balance transfer and top up.
  • Under our home loan services, the Findoc Group also provides OD against property facility.
  • To reduce the pay amount of monthly EMIs, we offer a maximum possible tenure to the best of your interest.
  • We also ensure that you are offered competitive interest rates and processing fees.
  • We are happy to extend our service to your doorsteps whenever it’s needed.
  • We put our best efforts to provide you maximum consideration of lease tenure and rent discounting.
  • We have a policy for distribution only through channel partners.

*Conditions apply

The Findoc Financial Services Group is an ideal stop for loans such as home loans, business loans or personal loans with hassle-free processing, competitive interest rates and processing fees, expert advice and an experienced team of professionals at your doorstep. Connect with us for easy and quick loans, call us at 0161-4155000.